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Maps from “Cassell’s Complete Atlas” aka “Weekly Dispatch Atlas” by Ettling, Weller, Dower & BR Davies 1862-1863

We’ve just added a complete set of maps from “Cassell’s Complete Atlas“, also known as the “Weekly Dispatch Atlas”, from an edition published c1863. This large atlas of the world includes English county maps, large sheets of London and suburbs, plans of provincial British and significant European cities, a large map of the environs of Paris, as well as the usual country/continental maps and some less commonly charted areas such as “The Coast of China” and the Canadian Arctic regiosn.

The maps are by Edward Weller, Theodore Ettling (maps of North and South America the US, The Balkans, and plans of Venice and Berlin) , John Dower (a number of the English county maps, the Environs of Paris, and some of the European maps) and Benjamin Rees Davies (County maps and plans of regional British Cities).

P-8-010318a P-8-010340a

P-8-010354a P-8-010410a P-8-010436a


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