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Antique maps and vintage plans of London, its suburbs and neighbourhoods 1735-2000

Old maps and plans of the ever-changing city of London are endlessly fascinating. Today we’re higlighting our extensive and varied catalogue of these items. Our range includes everything from the affordable to the scarce; from the 18th to the 20th centuries; from maps of Greater London down to plans of neighbourhoods or individual buildings. Whether you’re looking for an old street plan, a map showing political or administrative divisions, or something quirkier – we have something that will delight you.

Click the links for affordable early/mid 20th century neighbourhood street plans by Bacon (1928-1948)Geographia (1923-1937 and 1964) & Bartholomew (1913-1930). We also have larger neighbourhood and suburb plans by Weller (1862) and hand-coloured maps by Bacon (1902-1911)

Earlier maps include scarce plans of the parishes of Islington in 1735, Hampstead (1814) and Marylebone (1833); exquisite small hand coloured sectional maps by Cary (1786); Bowen/Noorthuock’s maps of the Wards of the City of London (1772); Charles Dawson’s maps of the Metropolitan Boroughs, and Greenwich for the Reform Act (1832), and the slightly later borough maps by Creighton & Walker (1835)

Our more unusual items include large-scale fire insurance plans of the West End by Charles Goad (1888-1948), Wilkinson’s illustrated maps of London antiquities, curiosities & localities (1834), maps of proposed Victorian public works, including underground lines (1855), Theatre, cinema, music hall, sporting & other venue seating plans (1936), Charles Booth’s well-known Poverty Maps (1902), Patrick Abercrombie’s Greater London post-war planning maps (1943-44), the Reconstruction plans for the City of London by FJ Forty (1944), maps of the London Underground (pre- and post- Beck) and railways, Police Districts, Telephone Exchanges, St James’s Gentlemen’s Clubs, Theatres & Cinemas, Public Buildings and Parks.

Please note that many of these maps and plans are uncommon; in most cases we only have one of each of them available, especially the earlier items.

CHELSEA. Battersea,Belgravia,Pimlico,Kensington,Brompton,Battersea, 1933 map

This wonderful vintage map is a single section from a street atlas of London by Geographia Ltd, a forerunner of the famous Geographers’ A-Z Map Company started by Phyllis Pearsall, which still produces London street atlases to this day. The atlas was produced in 4 editions between 1923-1937 with a further post-war edition in 1964. We have sectional maps available covering the whole of Greater London.

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BOOTH POVERTY MAP: Notting Hill Hammersmith Holland Park W Kensington, 1902

We have a number of the well-known “Poverty maps” which were created by the philanthropist and social reformer Charles Booth. His maps were designed to illustrate that levels of serious poverty in late-Victorian London were far higher than widely believed. He popularised the idea of the ‘poverty line’, and used his work to argue for the introduction of Old Age Pensions which he described as “limited socialism”.

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HAMPSTEAD PARISH. Belsize Park, Primrose Hill & Kilburn. NEWTON, 1814 old map

This scarce 1814 map covers the area now occupied by Hampstead, Belsize Park, Primrose Hill, St John’s Wood & Kilburn (principally the modern London postal codes NW3, NW6 and NW8). The map is orientated towards the north west. The road which runs along the left hand edge of the map is Kilburn High Road (from where it becomes Maida Vale at the bottom of the map) …

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GOAD MAP:Seven Dials WC2:Shaftesbury Ave Earlham St Monmouth Mercer Neal 1934

We have a number of these large and very scarce maps, which were prepared by the civil engineering firm Charles Goad and Co for insurance purposes, covering much of the West End. Their circulation amongst insurance companies, fire brigades and other interested parties was strictly controlled by Goad on a rental basis, and apparently never sold. The maps were revised and updated by hand through the course of their working lives.

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THE PORT OF LONDON showing wharves & docks. Thames. Vintage map. BACON, 1927

The map shows in detail the individual wharves, docks and warehouses of the Port of London at something close to its peak size. By 1800 London had become the world’s largest port. Shipping was handled entirely within the “Pool of London” between London Bridge & Limehouse; the river was lined with continuous wharves running for miles along both banks and hundreds of ships were moored in the river & alongside the quays. Capacity was increased throughout the 19th century by the construction of enclosed docks. On the advent of containerisation in the 1960’s, shipping traffic moved further out to Tilbury & the Docklands declined.

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MARYLEBONE ST JOHN’S WOOD. “Parish of St Marylebone”. Fitzrovia, 1833 old map

The map shows Marylebone, Fitzrovia west of Cleveland Street, the Lisson Grove area, and St John’s Wood (named on the map as “Portland Town”). The map shows the area before the construction of the railways; the Metropolitan Line was not opened until 1863, and Marylebone main line station in 1899. Lords Cricket Ground is shown in its current location as a square field (it had moved from its second site in 1814 to make way for the construction of the Regent’s canal). The Clergy Orphan School is sh…

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Includes Bishopsgate, Gracechurch Street, Camomile Street, Cornhill, Leadenhall Street, Threadneedle Street, Broad Street, Houndsditch, Moorfields, St Mary Axe, Devonshire Square, and the present site of Broadgate, Liverpool Street Station & London Wall. Vignettes of The Parish churches of St Ethelburga, within Bishopsgate, and Great St Helen. “Within” and “Without” refer to those parts of Bishopsgate which lay inside and outside the old London Wall.

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GREENWICH, BLACKHEATH & LEWISHAM. London suburbs.Dispatch Atlas.WELLER, 1862 map

This map was one of a number of sheets of London and suburbs by Edward Weller for the Weekly Dispatch Atlas. These include large, detailed plans of the main conurbation of London, with additional sheets of some of its then-outlying suburbs

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WOOLWICH: Greenwich,Stratford,West/East Ham,Charlton,Barking,Plaistow, 1786 map

From John Cary’s “15 miles round London”, this is one of a number of small, but detailed sectional maps of the pre-industrial London area. The area now covered by Greater London is shown within these maps as mostly countryside and scattered villages and hamlets. These hand coloured maps show many of the individual buildings and other features then existing in fascinating detail..

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ISLINGTON PARISH 1735:Holloway Highgate Crouch End.Scarce. HAWKSWORTH,1811 map

This scarce early map, published in 1811, shows the parish of Islington in 1735. The map is orientated towards the North West. The cluster of buildings at the bottom of the map is the (then) village of Islington. The road running from the bottom of the map towards the top left hand corner of the map is St John Street – Upper Street – Holloway Road – Highgate Hill. At the top left of the map the hamlet of Hig…

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CENTRAL LONDON: West End, City, Southwark,Westminster,Shoreditch.BACON,1902 map

This map (sheet 11) includes all or part of the following areas/suburbs of London: Westminster, City, Southwark, West End, Marylebone, Fitzrovia, Soho, St James’s, Victoria, Belgravia, Brompton, St John’s Wood, Mayfair, Covent Garden, Lambeth, Southwark, Clerkenwell, Shoreditch, Holborn, Islington, Lambeth, Finsbury, Whitehall, Hoxton, Regents Park, Green Park, St James’s Park, Hyde Park. Adjacent map sheets are offered for sale separately: The map section to the north of this map is sheet numbe…

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LONDON METROPOLITAN BOROUGHS for the Reform Act. DAWSON, 1832 antique map

This map was published within the 1832 Reform Act for the purposes of showing the proposed electoral borough constituency. At this time, the House of Commons elected members for two types of constituencies: counties, and boroughs. Many of the pre-reform boroughs had small electorates which were under the control of rich landowners; the so-called “rotten” or pocket boroughs. Conversely, in the industrial towns and cities which were growing strongly as a result of the industrial revolution, the bu…

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E LONDON Surrey Docks Isle of Dogs Canning Town Poplar Limehouse.BACON, 1948 map

One of a number of small, affordable maps from street atlases published by the cartography firm of George W. Bacon covering the whole of Greater London. They were produced in a number of editions between 1928 and 1963.

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LONDON SW: Putney Wandsworth Fulham Barnes Parson’s Green Roehampton, 1921 map

One of a number of small, affordable maps from street atlases published by the cartography firm of J.G.Bartholomew covering the whole of Greater London. We have a number of editions of these maps published between 1913 and 1932.

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LONDON. City Westminster Tower Hamlets borough plans. CREIGHTON/WALKER, 1835 map

This map shows the London Boroughs of the City of London, Westminster and Tower Hamlets, as they had recently been redefined within the Reform Act of 1832. Maps of other London boroughs are also available.

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CHRIST CHURCH PARISH, SOUTHWARK. South Bank/Bankside. London, 1834 antique map

The map covers the parish of Christ Church on either side of Blackfriars Road (marked as Great Surrey Street on the map). The area covered is bounded to the north by the Thames, to the west by Broad Wall (today known as Hatfields), to the east by Gravel Lane (today Great Suffolk Street & Suffolk Street) and Holland Street, and to the south by Surrey Row. The present site of the Tate Modern is just outside the bounds of the map in the north east corner. Stamford Street and Upper Ground are marked…

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LONDON: Antique town city map plan. Profiles of main buildings. LARGE.SDUK, 1848

This large, detailed map produced by the wonderfully named “Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge” (SDUK), shows London in the middle of its rapid 19th century expansion, when it was the largest city on earth. Along the bottom of the map are pictured the profiles of key buildings and structures. (40 x 65cm, 16 x 25 inches)

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LONDON: Telephone Exchanges of London & Environs, 1923 vintage map

This evocative map dates from a time when telephone exchanges were operated by people instead of switching machines, and when they had names rather than area code numbers; to make a trunk (long distance) phone call, you had to call the operator to be manually connected. The map shows the names and locations of all the telephone exchanges in the Greater London area in 1923. Many of these exchanges had colourful but now disused names such as “Frobisher”, “Paddington & Ambassador” and “Speedwell”. Automatic “All Figure Number” dialling was not introduced in the UK until 1966.

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ALHAMBRA THEATRE. Vintage seating plan. London West End. Leicester Square;1936

We have a number of seating plans for London theatres, cinemas, music halls and sporting venues, published in 1936. Many of these venues no longer exist

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CITY OF LONDON. Town planning survey 1939. STREET PLAN, 1944 vintage map

One of a number of detailed and often colourful maps published by the Corporation of London in 1944, planning for the reconstruction of the City of London after the damage inflicted by the Luftwaffe during the Blitz

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