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Decorative antique maps by John Tallis & John Rapkin from the “Illustrated Atlas of the World” (1851) and the “British Colonies” (1849)

We stock a good range of the highly decorative and sought after maps by John Tallis and John Rapkin. We have folding maps from the “British Colonies” (1849), and the unfolded editions of these maps from the “Illustrated Atlas of the World” (1851). We also have many ornate but inexpensive Tallis prints depicting key people and events from British History (1849-1853)

One of the great cartographers of the 19th century, Tallis’s works are among the last of the lavishly decorated and ornamental maps. He worked in partnership with John Rapkin, who drew and engraved the works, and who produced the fascinating vignette views for which the maps are known. The “Illustrated Atlas” was produced for the Great Exhibition in 1851. Outline colour was usually applied by hand at the time of publication, and all of the maps we have on offer have original colour.

Our personal favourites include the maps of California & Victoria, Australia showing gold mines at the time of their respective gold rushes; the Isthmus of Panama showing five proposed canal & rail routes (including the Nicaragua canal – construction on which finally started in 2014, 165 years after the map was printed); Tasmania with a vignette of the now-extinct Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger; British America (Canada), showing the outposts of the Hudson Bay Company; New South Wales showing explorers’ routesBritish India showing then-proposed railways at a time before any were operational in the subcontinent; New Zealand, showing early New Zealand Company settlements and Scandinavia, with a vignette of the Norwegian Army Ski regiment.

WORLD/British Empire. ‘Steam routes to the colonies’. TALLIS/RAPKIN, 1849 map

Vignettes: Gibraltar; London; Constantinople; Niagara; The Pyramids of Ghizeh; Pont Neuf, Paris; Vesuvius. The steam ship routes to the colonies are marked in blue, and the British Empire with its colonies are marked in pink. Marked on the map are the Mountains of Kong and the Mountains of the Moon, non-existent mountain ranges charted on English maps of Africa from 1798 through the late 1880s. An early map resulting from exploration of the area and showing this west to east mountain range in 17…

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UNITED STATES: 31 states+Missouri/Western/Nebraska Terr.TALLIS/RAPKIN 1851 map

The map shows 30 of the then 31 states of the United States (the other being California), plus Minnesota territory (which became the 32nd state in 1858), and Nebraska Territory (eventually divided between the current states of Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, and Montana), Missouri Territory (separate from the state of Missouri, originally Louisiana Territory), Western Territory (eventually absorbed into Oklahoma, Kansas & Texas), “New Mexico or Santa Fe”. Vignettes: Was…

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WESTERN HEMISPHERE. Shows Russian America, Gran Colombia.TALLIS/RAPKIN, 1849 map

Alaska is indicated as “Russian America” as it was prior to its sale to the United States in 1867. The map shows a united Gran Colombia, incorporating New Granada (today Colombia & Panama), Venezuela & Ecuador; although Gran Colombia had ceased to exist in 1831, when Ecuador & Venezuela had seceded. Patagonia is shown as a separate state, with the balance of today’s Argentina marked with its earlier name of “La Plata”. New Granada (the United States of Colombia) incorporates Panama.

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ASIA. Tartary Siam Persia Cabool Cochinchina East Indies.TALLIS/RAPKIN, 1849 map

States marked on the map include Siberia, Cochin China, China, Hindoostan, Cabool (Kabul), Turkey, Arabia, Persia, Beloochistan, Birmah, Siam, Malaya, Independent Tartary, Japan, Dutch East Indies, Philippines, Laos. Vignettes: Tartars; Russian Peasants; Petra; Sun-Birds of India and the Philippine Isles; The Walrus

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BRITISH HISTORY. Queen Elizabeth I. The Virgin Queen. TALLIS, old print 1849

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MEDITERRANEAN. Gib Malta Corfu Zante Cephalonia Lefkada.TALLIS/RAPKIN, 1849 map

The map shows Gibraltar, Malta and Gozo, and the Ionian Islands including Corfu, Paxo, Zante, Cephalonia, Maura/Lefkada & Ithaca. The United States of the Ionian Islands (Greek: Ἡνωμένον Κράτος τῶν Ἰονίων Νήσων) was a state and amical protectorate of the United Kingdom between 1815 and 1864. It was the successor state of the Septinsular Republic. It covered the territory of the Ionian Islands, located in modern Greece, to whom it was ceded as a gift of the United Kingdom to the newly enthroned K…

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BRITISH AMERICA. Shows Hudson’s Bay Company forts.Canada TALLIS/RAPKIN, 1849 map

The key indicates that the brown dots are forts and principal stations of the Hudson’s Bay Company. Vignettes: Whale fishing; Esquimaux; Polar bears; Seal; Montreal; Fury and Hecla. Canada. Alaska is indicated as “Russian America” as it was prior to its sale to the United States in 1867. Baffin Island marked “Terra Incognita”.

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AUSTRALIA.Sydney view.Pre-Queensland (est 1859).Counties.TALLIS/RAPKIN, 1849 map

Vignettes: Natives of the tribe of Bogan; Sydney; kangaroos; Australian parrots and Cockatoo; Natives of Australia Felix. The counties of Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia are marked and named.

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‘WEST INDIA ISLANDS’. Caribbean Indies Antilles Bahamas. TALLIS/RAPKIN, 1849 map

Show the West Indies, Antilles, Windward Islands, Leeward Islands, Cuba, the Bahamas, Hispaniola, Turks & Caicos Islands. Vignettes: Kingston, Jamaica, from the commercial rooms

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BRITISH HISTORY. Francis Bacon, Viscount Alban. Philosopher. TALLIS, 1849

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IRELAND. St Patrick’s Dublin Killarney round tower views.TALLIS/RAPKIN, 1853 map

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NEW ZEALAND: Shows NZ Company settlements in 1851. TALLIS/RAPKIN 1851 old map

Vignettes: Auckland; Mount Egmont from New Plymouth; Wellington. North Island is indicated as “New Ulster or North Island”; the island known today as South Island is marked as “New Munster or Middle Island”, while Stewart Island/Rakiura is marked as “New Leinster or Stewart Island or South Island”. In 1907 the Minister for Lands gave instructions to the Land and Survey Department that the name Middle Island was not to be used in future; instead “South Island will be adhered to in all cases”. A n…

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WESTERN AFRICA:Kong Mountains.Caravan routes.Slave Coast.TALLIS/RAPKIN 1851 map

The map shows sub-saharan west Africa prior to the later “Scramble for Africa” colonisation. Senegambia is shown, as is the state of Liberia. Ashantee (roughly present day Ghana) is indicated. The coasts are evocatively named in turn as the “Grain coast”, “Windy coast”, “Ivory Coast”, “Gold Coast” & “Slave coast”. Saharan camel caravan routes are indicated. Vignettes: Christiansborg; Cape Coast Castle; Bakel; Sierra Leone. Marked on the map are the Mountains of Kong, a non-existent mountain ran…

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NEW SOUTH WALES: w/ Mitchell/Leichhardt explorers routes.TALLIS/RAPKIN 1851 map

Vignettes: Sydney Cove; Pandanus; The Murray; Xanthorrhaea; seal of New South Wales. Counties are shown.

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BRITISH HISTORY. Sir Francis Drake. TALLIS, antique print 1849

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SPAIN & PORTUGAL: Madrid Lisbon Gibraltar views. Iberia TALLIS/RAPKIN 1851 map

Vignettes: Belem castle; Lisbon; Madrid; Bull fight. Iberia.

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ENGLAND & WALES: London Newcastle Doncaster races views. TALLIS/RAPKIN 1851 map

Vignettes: London; Entrance to Portsmouth Harbour; Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Fox hunting; Sunderland Bridge; Oxford; The grand stand on the race ground, Doncaster

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BRAZIL: Uruguay as part of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro view TALLIS/RAPKIN 1851 map

The map shows Uruguay as a state or province of Brazil. An Argentine backed force had laid siege to Montevideo some years earlier, a siege which was relieved by a Brazilian intervention in May 1851, the year of publication of this map. Montevideo rewarded Brazil’s support by signing treaties that confirmed Brazil’s right to intervene in Uruguay’s internal affairs. Vignettes: Boats on the Rio Negro; St. Catharina; Monte Video; Cape St. Antonio – Bahia; Rio De Janeiro

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Vignettes: Victoria Mount – New Guinea; Near Sarawak – Borneo; Natives of New Guinea; The Bee Bear. The map covers the area from Burma and South China to the Torres Strait/Gulf of Carpentaria/North Australia; Includes the modern states of the Philippines, Indonesia; Indochina, Sunda Islands, New Guinea, Borneo, Sumatra, Java. Marked on the map are Siam, Cochin China & Martaban Tenasserim, Hong Kong & Singapore

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INDIAN OCEAN ISLANDS: Mauritius Seychelles Madagascar MV.TALLIS/RAPKIN 1851 map

The map shows Madagascar, Mauritius, the Seychelles, Maldives, Laccadives, Socotra, Zanzibar, Singapore, the Andaman and Nicobar islands, Ile Bourbon (Reunion), Chagos & Keeling Islands. Vignettes: A Native Village – Madagascar; Point de Galle – Ceylon; Port Louis – Mauritius; North Beach – Prince of Wales Island; Fall of the River Roche – Isle of Bourbon [Reunion]

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