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R. Montgomery MARTIN - Published in London and New York. c. 1860
Martin was Government Treasurer in Hong Kong and a Member of the Legislative Council in China.


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However this collection of Reference Pages is being left on line, as we hope you will find them to informative and helpful. They provide details of many of the maps, books and engravings we had the pleasure of dealing in over so many years.
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This REFERENCE PAGE is a record of the engravings, with many scanned illustrations.


  1. INDIA Agra. From The Jahara Baug.

  2. INDIA Agra. The Scene Of The Late Dreadful Masacres.

  3. INDIA Agra. View Of Principal Street.

  4. INDIA Akbars Tomb. Secundra.

  5. INDIA An Old Fort At Muttra: Boats. Figures.

  6. INDIA Arrival Of Contingent Force Of Sikh Irregular Cavalry: Elephants. Camels. Horses.

  7. INDIA Assar Mahal. Beejapore.

  8. INDIA Assemblage Of Pilgrims Before Hurdwar: Many Figures. Tents. In The Bengal Presidency.

  9. INDIA Aurungzebes Tomb. Rozah.

  10. INDIA Bejapore: Figure On Camel.

  11. INDIA Benares:

  12. INDIA Blowing Up Of The Cashmere Gate. Delhi.

  13. INDIA Bombay Harbour In The Monsoon: View From The Sea. Boats. Raft.

  14. INDIA Bridge At Bhurkote.

  15. INDIA Capture Of Guns By The Highlanders Before Cawnpore.

  16. INDIA Capture Of The King Of Delhi By Captain Hodson.

  17. INDIA Cootub Minar. Delhi.

  18. INDIA Death Of Brigadier Adrian Hope: In the attack on the fort of Roodamow. April 15th 1858.

  19. INDIA Death Of Gen. Neill Beford Lucknow. Sept 25th 1857: TITLE PAGE.

  20. INDIA Delhi. Showing The Entrance To The Palace: Figures. Elephant.

  21. INDIA Dus Awtar. Caves Of Ellora.

  22. INDIA Encampment Near Roopur On The Sutley: TITLE PAGE.

  23. INDIA Entrance To The Cave Of Elephanta.

  24. INDIA Excavated Temple Of Kylas. Caves Of Ellora.

  25. INDIA Falls Near The Source Of The Jumna. Above Delhi.

  26. INDIA Fort George. Madras: Cart. Cattle. Figures. Boats.

  27. INDIA Fortress Of Bowrie In Rajpootana.

  28. INDIA Fortress Of Shuhur. Jeypore. Rajpootana.

  29. INDIA Front View Of The Kylas. Caves Of Ellora.

  30. INDIA Fugitive Sepoys Crossing The River Tonse: A Tributary Of The Jumna. By A Jhoola.

  31. INDIA Fugitive Sepoys Taking Refuge. Near Jumnootree: On The Jumna.

  32. INDIA Futtypore Sicri: Ox And Cart.

  33. INDIA GENERAL MAP: Decorative Borders. Some Outline Colour. 10. 5x13. 5 ins.

  34. INDIA Grass Rope Bridge At Teree. Gurwall.

  35. INDIA Gungootree. The Sacred Source Of The Ganges.

  36. INDIA Hindoo And Mahomedan Buildings.

  37. INDIA Hindoo Temple At Chandngoan: Cattle.

  38. INDIA Hindoo Temple. Benares.

  39. INDIA Hurdwar. A Place Of Hindoo Pilgrimage.

  40. INDIA Hurdwar. The Gate Of Hari. Or Vishnoo: Figures. Boat.

  41. INDIA Interior Of Dher Warra. Caves Of Ellora.

  42. INDIA Janghera Or The Fakeers Rock On The Ganges: Boats. Figures.

  43. INDIA Jerdair. A Hill Village. Gurwall.

  44. INDIA Jumma Musjid. Agra.

  45. INDIA Jumma Musjid. Mandoo.

  46. INDIA Kings Fort. Boorhanpore.

  47. INDIA Kursalee. A Village In The Neighbourhood Of Simla.

  48. INDIA Mohuna. Near Deobun: Figures. Cattle.

  49. INDIA Mosque Of Mustapha Khan. Beejapore.

  50. INDIA Mussooree And The Dhoon. From Landour: Figures. Tent.

  51. INDIA Mutinous Sepoys Dividing Spoil: Horses. Elephant. Camels. All Mounted.

  52. INDIA NORTH MAP: TALLIS. Decorative Borders. Outline Colour. 13. 5x10. 5 ins. 6 Vignettes . Of Tiger Hunt. Ruins Old Delhi. Hindoos. The British Presidency Hyderabad. Car Of Juggernaut. Seal Of East India Company.

  53. INDIA Palace Of The Seven Stories. Beejapore. #1

  54. INDIA Palace Of The Seven Stories. Beejapore. #2

  55. INDIA Perawa. Malwa.

  56. INDIA PORTRAIT: Engraving Mohomed Suraj-Oo-Deen Shan Gazee. Titular King Of Delhi.

  57. INDIA PORTRAIT: Engraving Of Kooer Sing.

  58. INDIA PORTRAIT: Engraving Of Zenat Mahal Or Queen Of Delhi.

  59. INDIA Rameswur. Caves Of Ellora.

  60. INDIA Ruin On The Banks Of Jumna. Above Delhi.

  61. INDIA Ruins Old Delhi: Figures On Camels.

  62. INDIA Ruins South Side Of Old Delhi: Figure On Elephant.

  63. INDIA Sarnat. A Boodh Monument near Benares.

  64. INDIA Scene At Colgong On The Ganges.

  65. INDIA Scene In Kattiawar. Travellers And Escort: Indian Soldiers. Camels.

  66. INDIA Scene Near Chillah Tarah Ghaut. Bundelkhund: TITLE PAGE.

  67. INDIA Seven Storied Palace. Bejapore.

  68. INDIA Sikh Troops Dividing The Spoil Taken From Mutineers: Good Engraving.

  69. INDIA Simla Near Belaspoor: Bridge. Many Figures. Cattle.

  70. INDIA Singham Mahal. Torway. Beejapore.

  71. INDIA Skeleton Group In The Rameswur. Caves Of Ellora.

  72. INDIA Snowy Range From Tyne Or Marma: Figures.

  73. INDIA Snowy Range. From Landour.

  74. INDIA Sultan Mahomed Shahs Tomb. Bejapore.

  75. INDIA Sutteeism On The Banks Of The Ganges: Many Figures. Preparing For The Immolation Of A Hindoo Widow.

  76. INDIA Taj Bowlee. Bejapore: Figures.

  77. INDIA Taj Mahal. Agra: Figures. Boats.

  78. INDIA The Abbey And Hills From Near Mussooree. On The Jumna.

  79. INDIA The British Residency At Hyderabad: Many Figures On Horseback.

  80. INDIA The Cave Of Karli.

  81. INDIA The Celebrated Hindoo Temples. Palace At Madura:

  82. INDIA The Choor Mountains.

  83. INDIA The City Of Benares: Figures. Boats.

  84. INDIA The Dewas Khan Or Hall Of Audience. Palace Of Delhi.

  85. INDIA The Fortress Of Dowlatabad In The Deccan.

  86. INDIA The Fortress Of Nahan In The Dominion Of Oude: Figures. Elephant.

  87. INDIA The Ganges Entering The Plains Near Hurdwar: Figure On Elephant. Boats.

  88. INDIA The Hill Fortress Of Gwalior: Figures On Camels.

  89. INDIA The Kings Palace At Delhi.

  90. INDIA The Nana Sahib With His Escort: Seated On Elephant. Figures On Horseback.

  91. INDIA The Palace Of Agra.

  92. INDIA The Pass Of Makundra.

  93. INDIA The Relief Of Lucknow By General Havelock: Women And Soldiers.

  94. INDIA The Residency. Lucknow.

  95. INDIA The Snowy Mountains. Northern Bengal: In Which The River Jumna Takes Its Rise.

  96. INDIA The Times Correspondent Looking At The Sacking Of Kaiser Bagh.

  97. INDIA The Village Of Khandoo. Himalaya Mountains: Many Figures. Cattle.

  98. INDIA The Water Palace. Mandoo.

  99. INDIA Tomb Of Elmad-Ood Doulah. Agra.

  100. INDIA Tomb Of Humaioon. Delhi.

  101. INDIA Tomb Of Ibrahim Padshah. Bajapore: Figures With Camels.

  102. INDIA Tomb Of Shere Shah. Bejapore.

  103. INDIA Tombs Of The Kings Of Golconda: Many Figures. Figure On Camel.

  104. INDIA Triad Figure. Interior Of Elephanta.

  105. INDIA Troops Encamped At The Entrance To The Keree Pass: North Of Meerut.

  106. INDIA Valley Of The Dhoon. Himalaya Mountains.

  107. INDIA View At Deobun. Near Umballah.

  108. INDIA View Near Jabbera. Northern Bengal.

  109. INDIA View Near Kursalee.

  110. INDIA View Of Allahabad. Showing The Fort: Boats. Figures. Goats.

  111. INDIA View Of Bombay Showing The Fort: Many Figures. Ox and Cart.

  112. INDIA View Of Calcutta From The Esplanade #1: Many Figures. Boat.

  113. INDIA View Of Calcutta From The Esplanade #2: Figures. Elephant. Ox And Cart.

  114. INDIA View Of Cawpore From The River.

  115. INDIA View Of Delhi. From The Palace Gate.

  116. INDIA View Of Delhi. From The River Showing The Kings Palace.

  117. INDIA View Of Lucknow: Elephants Pulling Cannons. Soliders.

  118. INDIA View Of Madras: Figures. Elephant. Horses.

  119. INDIA View Of Palace Of Agra. From The River: Figures. Boats.

  120. INDIA View Of Sassor. In The Deccan S. East Of Poonah.

  121. INDIA View On The River Jumna.

  122. INDIA Village Of Koghera And Deodar Forest.

  123. INDIA Village Of Naree: Figures.

  124. INDIA PORTRAIT: Engraving Of Gen. Sir Henry Havelock.

  125. INDIA PORTRAIT: Engraving Of Lord Viscount Canning. Governor General Of India.

  126. INDIA PORTRAIT: Engraving Of Viscount Palmerston.

  127. INDIA PORTRAIT: Engraving Of Sir Colin Campbell.

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