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Indian Ocean Cyclones pre 1900

This region has had some of the world's deadliest cyclones, but there is a shortage of organized information about them. Only cyclones which caused fatalities over 3000 people have been included.
1584 Backerganj Cyclone killed around 200,000 people.
1737 Calcutta cyclone, caused death and destruction around Calcutta, India.
1789 Indian Cyclone, killed 20,000 in Coringa, India.
1839 Indian Cyclone - caused a massive storm surge hit Coringa, India on November 25 killed 300,000 people.
1864 Calcutta Cyclone, killed around 60,000 people in Calcutta, India.
1876 Great Backerganj Cyclone hit the Meghna River Delta area of India, the storm surge killed 100,000, and the disease after the storm killed another 100,000.
1882 Great Bombay Cyclone killed around 200,000 people in Bombay,India.
1897 Chittagong cyclone killed around 175,000 in Chittagong,Bangladesh.

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