"Posizione Diversa Degli Abitanti della Terra" Periscii Antoeci ZATTA 1779 map
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"Posizione Diversa Degli Abitanti della Terra". Periscii Antoeci. ZATTA 1779 map

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TITLE/CONTENT OF MAP: 'Posizione Diversa Degli Abitanti della Terra; Longitudine; Latitudine; Antipodi; Zone'

This decorative print explains the different regions of the earth, divided by lines of longitude and latitude, and into its tropical, temperate and polar regions. It illustrates Amphiscii (The inhabitants of the tropics, whose shadows in one part of the year are cast to the north, and in the other to the south, according as the sun is south or north of their zenith); Heteroscii (The inhabitants of t he temperate regions, whose shadows at noon are always in the same direction, ie to the north (for those who live in the northern hemisphere) and to the south (for those in the south); Periscii (The inhabitants of the polar regions, whose shadows, during part of the summer, make a complete revolution; Antoeci/Antoecus (Those who dwell opposite to each other; ie they live on the same latitude, but in the opposite hemisphere); Perioeci/Perioecus (those who live on the same parallel of latitude but on opposite meridians so that it is noon in one place when it is midnight in the other) & Antipodes/Antipode (two points on the Earth's surface which are diametrically opposite to each other).

The top image on the right hand side shows the entire map. To view a close up of the map showing the level of printed detail, please click on the bottom image on the right hand side. This map is folding hence the centrefold line may show on the image below

DATE PRINTED: Published in 1779. Engraved in 1779 (this date is printed on the map).    

IMAGE SIZE: Approx 36.0 x 46.0cm, 14.25 x 18.25 inches (Large); Please note that this is a folding map.

TYPE: Antique 18th century Italian copperplate map with original hand colour

CONDITION: Good; suitable for framing. Water stains in left and right margin, outside the printed borders; can be matted out. Please check the scan for any blemishes prior to making your purchase. Please contact us if you would like to arrange to view this map. Virtually all antiquarian maps and prints are subject to some normal aging due to use and time which is not obtrusive unless otherwise stated. We offer a no questions asked return policy.

AUTHENTICITY: This is an authentic historic map, published at the date stated above. It is not a modern copy.

VERSO: There is nothing printed on the reverse side, which is plain

FOLDING: This is a folding map.


PROVENANCE: "Atlante Novissimo, illustrato ed accresciuto sulle osservazioni, e scoperte fatte dai piu' celebri e piu' recenti geografi", in Venezia MDCCLXXXII, presso Antonio Zatta con privilegio dell' Eccellmo Senato


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