YACHT FLAGS Red & White 1 1908 old antique vintage print picture
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YACHT FLAGS. Red & White (1) 1908 old antique vintage print picture

Price: £21.99

CAPTION PRINTED BELOW PICTURE: 'Distinguishing Flags of Yachts - Happy Thought, H.C. Maudslay - Dunollie, J. Lawrie, Miranda, W. Jones, Windward, Adams Bros - Pup Dolly Vardon, T.W. Ratsey - Zaza, W. Beardmore - Babus, Count August Salm-Reifferscheidt - Midgard, A.C.F. Ferber - Barbara Elfin, R.G. Todd - Sulituan, E.E.C. & G.F. Shenton - Ernest, G.H.P. Livesay - The Grey Mare, E.J. Nicholls & R. Kirkay - Excelsior Psyche, H. Schubert - Lonnchen, Ober Lt Von Brand - Cygonie, Mrs Tod - Doris, T.H. Miller - Arvor, A. Petitcolin - Zig-Zag, E. De Lecluse - Esperanza, J.L. Roth - Ethel, A.A. Forman - Ninetta Sieglinde, Baron Seckendorff - Fortuna, J.B. Denison - Cariad, Lt. H. McNeile Dibb. R.N.R - Shawnee, C.G. Evens - Sunbeam, Thompson & Hall - Dorothy, Mrs. A.H. Mills, Miriel, J. Heap - Alruda Inyala, C. Livingston - Imp Soprano, A.S. Gordon - Arline, J. Callaghan & J. Edwards - Cyane Fortuna, H.R. Heap - Sea Fay Surf, F. D. Lambert, J.P. - Gask, H. Frestadius - Rubi, S.G. Murray, Odd Trick, W.T. Osborne - Bashi, D. Highgate, Sunbeam, G.P. Collins - Banzai, Dr. A. Strengell, Geisha, A.F. Mertens - Gandul, Prof. F. Lemmalm - Prowess, V. Copeland, Isolde, A. Maendler - Maysie, O.R. Tinning - Peter, L. Gilli, Catherine, J.H. Lihou - Petrel, P.C. Trebeck - Avispa, V.L. Doriga - Cetacea, M.E. & N.G. Driver - Haohe, A. Schlee - Dinnie, R.B. Scott - Chrysantemum, A.H. Zethreus - Svanhild, F.H. Bonsow, Bosco, R.L. Burnett - Fal, F. Nalder - Asta, G. Tempelman - Voluta, T.C. Jackson LL.D. & H.B. Jackson - Jacqueline Zou, Dr Espitalier - Charon, F.F. Egger - Sequana, J.A. Mounier - Rana, W.P. Allen, Aura, Hon. Mr. Justice Boyd - Aline, Major W.E.J. Grylls - Idler, J. Banks Cram - Star of the Sea, Geo Webb - Eilun, Capt The Hon. A. Greville & B. Fitzgerald - Glitter, John C. Jones - France, H. Dabas - Lillian, G. Guest - Zette J. Martin - Mystery, A.A. & A.E. Messer - Nirvana, Comtesse Dé Béarn - Little Em'Ly, Dr. H.P. Prankerd - Prisca, Henrik Pripp'

DATE PRINTED: 1908-1909    

IMAGE SIZE: Approx 17.5 x 20.0cm, 6.75 x 8 inches (Medium)

TYPE: Antique lithographic colour print

CONDITION: Good; suitable for framing. Please check the scan for any blemishes prior to making your purchase. Virtually all antiquarian maps and prints are subject to some normal aging due to use and time which is not obtrusive unless otherwise stated. We offer a no questions asked return policy.

AUTHENTICITY: This is an authentic historic print, published at the date stated above. It is not a modern copy.

VERSO: There is nothing printed on the reverse side, which is plain


PROVENANCE: "Lloyd's Register of Yachts"; Containing particulars and Distinguishing Flags of Yachts & Motor Boats


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