YACHT FLAGS Red & Yellow Yellow & Green Salmon Yellow & Black White 1911
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YACHT FLAGS. Red & Yellow. Yellow & Green. Salmon. Yellow & Black. White 1911

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CAPTION PRINTED BELOW PICTURE: 'Distinguishing Flags of Yachts - Sandpiper, E.T. Adams - Brent Una Havoc, H.W Jones - Laverock, Chas. T. Bruce - Rhoda, Aux. Cot Rhosyn, F.S. Schwabe Piccaninny, T.W. Pickersgill - Leander, Hon. Rupert Guinness.G.M.G - Ocean Spark, E.A. Saunderson - Ibis. Su-MA-Si II, J. Deseilligny - Doris Doris, S.B. Joel - Lassie Mclgarntt Botfield - Cherub lll, Albert Strange - Stellundæ, A.K. Hamilton, St Agnes, V.S. Carroll - Narcissus, G. Travers Kevern - Vera, Dr. R. Faber - Jean, J. Balderston Whyte, Heron, J. Manning Prentice - Trin-Trava, V.P. Yuritsin - Lalla - Rouk, Barone L'Huillier - Teal, P. Marcerou - Nella, Marquis F. Dal Pozzo - Fiery Cross, W.L. Lindsay Forbes - Were Wolf, E.K. Muspratt - Scotia, T.W.Bremner - Adeline, J. Bowen Rowlands - Vill-U -An, S.G.J. Parker - Hutchinson - Fantasie Ober Lt. Fr. Scheiblein - Fanny, L.G. Sandford - Rani IV, E.S. Turner - Uldra, J.R. Blackie - Vanity, I.H. Benn & J.R Payne - Coomara, W.D. Donnan M.D. - Maimoune, GEO C. Hume - Linth, Dr. F.W. Kubly - Rakete Vll, Consul M. Kustermann, Mirella, T.S. Hamilton Martin - Spinderift, H.R. Davies - Annasona, Maj. A. Bogel R.E - Princesa De Asturias, E.G Careaga - Flat Fish Mrs. Aubrey Troughton - Queen, o'the May, H.J. Younger, Wayfarer, W.R. Macdonald - Chiquita, E. Wildy & H.G. Wilbraham - Mimi Toinon, Combarelle - Lee. S.L. Sao, J.B. Holdsworth, Eileen, A.H Julian - Varuna, E. Stenhammar - Merlin, M.P. Powell - Westoe, J. Readhead - Elvira, W.H. Howden, Trix, Miss C.S. Howden - Darling Vll Darling IX, L. Wustrau - Tory, R. Batllo - Lhasa, A.W. Paul - Banshee ll, A. Ruffer C.M.G. & Others - Calva, G. Martin - Kismet, M. Thomas - Minoru, J. Simpson - Veneta, L. Laroche - Chirta, V.Chavarri - Mikado, J.H. Stewart - Mignon IV, M. Wiel - Jhilum, WM Harvie - Lydia, G.W. Chaney - Albarina, Mqs. P. Pallayicino - Camilla, G.J. Tilling Jr. - Bonitoll, H.W. & l.G. Bird - Mignon, J.F. Sjodahl - Chevalier, P. Meunier - The Nymph, P. Clark - Carolus C. Ullmann Jr.'

DATE PRINTED: 1911-1912    

IMAGE SIZE: Approx 17.5 x 20.0cm, 7 x 8 inches (Medium)

TYPE: Antique lithographic colour print

CONDITION: Good; suitable for framing. Please check the scan for any blemishes prior to making your purchase. Virtually all antiquarian maps and prints are subject to some normal aging due to use and time which is not obtrusive unless otherwise stated. We offer a no questions asked return policy.

AUTHENTICITY: This is an authentic historic print, published at the date stated above. It is not a modern copy.

VERSO: There is nothing printed on the reverse side, which is plain


PROVENANCE: "Lloyd's Register of Yachts"; Containing particulars and Distinguishing Flags of Yachts & Motor Boats


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