William CURTIS - The Botanical Magazine. Fine hand coloured prints of flowers, including ORCHIDS. 1846.


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The Botanical Magazine 1846

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Fine hand engravings with original (old) hand colouring.
Published 1846. Overall size approx. 9.5 x 10.5 inches.
Prints supplied, when available, with the fascinating original descriptive text.
Click on any underlined number to view the illustration.

     CURTIS. #4203. Peristeria or Dove Flower. ORCHID.  Grows in Mexico. Comprehensive text accompanies the print. The main colour is bright yellow.
     CURTIS. #4204. Miltonia/Showy Miltonia. ORCHID. The main colours are white and pink. First cultivated at Wentworth in England.
     CURTIS. #4205. Fagraea/Obovate-Leaved Fagraea. Original colour (color). Native to Singapore. The main colours are yellow and white.
     CURTIS. #4206. Ipomaea/Simple Stalked Ipomaea. Original colour (color). These perennial and annual climbing plants come from North America. South Africa and Asia. The main colour is purple.
     CURTIS. #4207. Heinsia/Jessamine-Flowered Heinsia. JASMINE. From Western Tropical Africa. The main colour is white with a yellow centre.
     CURTIS. #4208. Cuphea/Large Red-Flowered Cuphea. From the hills and woods of Peru. The Flowers are bright red.
     CURTIS. #4209. Franciscea/Hydrangea-Like Franciscea. HYDRANGEA. This specimen originated from the Organ Mountains in Brazil. The main colour is lilac.
     CURTIS. #4210. Adenocalymna/Hop-Flowered Adenocalymna. From Brazil and Guiana. Trumpet shaped yellow flowers.
     CURTIS. #4211. Stachytarpheta/Aristate Bastard-Vervain. First found in South America. A rich deep blackish purple colour with a spiky stem above.
     CURTIS. #4212. Sinningia/Velvety Sinningia. All species native to Brazil. The main colours are white and pink.
     CURTIS. #4213. Gloxinia/Pale-Flowered Gloxinia. Originally from Santa Martha. The main colour is lilac.
     CURTIS. #4214. Mormodes/Mr Cartons Mormodes. ORCHID. Found at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. The flower is yellow with red longitudinal streaks.
     CURTIS. #4215. Cycnoches/Mr Loddiges Swanwort. ORCHID. A native of South America. A very striking orchid with drooping bulbs. The main colours are Red. Yellow and Deep Purple.
     CURTIS. #4216. Alloplectus/Two-Coloured Alloplectus. Introduced from Brazil. The two main colours are purple and yellow.
     CURTIS. #4217. Gesneria/Honda Gesneria. Discovered in New Grenada. Tubular flowers in bright orange with yellow tips.
     CURTIS. #4218. Fugosia/Various-Leaved Fugosia. A native of island of St Thomas and on the banks of the Orinoco. A pretty pale yellow flower.
     CURTIS. #4219. Catasetum/Tumour-Lipped Catasetum. ORCHID. From Columbia. It has long pendant spikes of purple flowers.
     CURTIS. #4220. Kopsia/Shrubby Kopsia. A native of the Malayan Peninsula. A beautiful pink flower with a red centre.
     CURTIS. #4221. Aristolochia/Gigantic-Flowered Birthwort. A native of Brazil. A striking flower cream in colour with splashes of purple.
     CURTIS. #4222. Ariopsis/Peltate Ariopsis. A native of India. The main colour is purple.
     CURTIS. #4223. Bouvardia/Long-flowered Bouvardia. A native of Mexico. The flower jasmine like fragrance and is white in colour.
     CURTIS. #4224. Aphelandra/Orange Aphelandra. A handsome species with a rich orange colour.
     CURTIS. #4225. Eranthemum/White-Flowered Eranthemum. A native of Mexico. Great clusters of pretty white flowers.
     CURTIS. #4226. Anona/Water or Alligator-Apple Tree. Found in the West Indies. Pale green in colour. Apple like fruit with a disagreeable taste.
     CURTIS. #4227. Sida/Vine-Leaved Sida. A native of Chile. Large pale blue flowers with a purple centre.
     CURTIS. #4228. Maxillaria/Large-Bulbed Maxillaria. ORCHID. From Sierra Nevada. North America. Large green bulbs with a pretty yellow flower.
     CURTIS. #4229. Torenia/Purple-Blotched Torenia. A native of the East Indies. Delicate purple and yellow flowers.
     CURTIS. #4230. Aegiphila/Large Yellow Flowered Aegiphila. Bright tubular yellow flowers.
     CURTIS. #4231. Pinguicula/Orchis-Like Butterwort. ORCHID. From the mountains of Mexico. A purple flower with a white throat and red-purple lines.
     CURTIS. #4232. Barnadesia/Rose-Coloured Barnadesia. A native of Peru and Brazil. The flower has an outer lip which is deep in a rich rose colour.
     CURTIS. #4233. Fuchsia/Large Flowered Apetalous FUCHSIA. Found in Peru. A brilliant pink colour with a pale tip.
     CURTIS. #4234. Cypripedium/Bearded Ladies Slipper. ORCHID. Found in India. Nepal and Malayan Islands. A striking flower with dark purple and white petals.
     CURTIS. #4235. Maxillaria/Mr Warres Maxillaria. ORCHID. Originated from Brazil. A beautiful delicate white and pink flower on a purple stem.
     CURTIS. #4236. Aeschinanthus/Purplish-Green Aeschinanthus. A tubular yellow flower with dark purple stripes.
     CURTIS. #4237. Cirrhopetalum/Thouars Cirrhopetalum. ORCHID. Found in Madagascar and The Philippines. An exotic looking flower with striking pink and orange long petals.
     CURTIS. #4238. Calliandra/Mr Harris Calliandra. A native of Mexico. Very handsome crested tufts of bright pink flowers.
     CURTIS. #4239. Theophrasta/Jussieus Theophrasta. A native of South America. A palm like habit with upper part being crowned with a tuft of leaves and bearing in the centre a large white flower.
     CURTIS. #4240. Gesneria/Tuberous-Rooted Gesneria. Original colour (color). Found in Brazil and New Grenada. Unusual tubular petals in a soft pink.
     CURTIS. #4241. Pitcairnia/Broad Waved-Leaved Pitcairnia. A native of Brazil. Striking red tipped stems sprouting white flowers.
     CURTIS. #4242. Gesneria/Elliptic-Leaved Gesneria. Found in the mountains of New Grenada. Small tubular yellow flowers with red centre.
     CURTIS. #4243. Leianthus/Umbellate Leianthus. Native of Jamaica. A dense light green cluster of flowers on top of a long stem.
     CURTIS. #4244. Daviesia/Hatched-Leaved Daviesia. A native of Western Australia. Very delicate orange and red flowers on a long stem.
     CURTIS. #4245. Tropaeolum/Notched-Petaled Indian Cress. Found in Peru. A bight yellow flower.
     CURTIS. #4246. Friesia/Jointed-Pedicelled FRIESIA. A native of Tasmania formally known as Van Diemens land. A pretty drooping white flower.
     CURTIS. #4247. Collania/Andinamarc Collania. Found on the lofty mountains of Peru. An exotic climber with bright pink drooping tubular petals.
     CURTIS. #4248. Asystasia/Coromandel Asystasia. Found in India. Large deep lilac flowers.
     CURTIS. #4249. Torenia/Large-Flowered Torenia. Found in East Indies. India and Sri Lanka. Rich purple flowers with three dark purple blotches on the petals.
     CURTIS. #4250. Alloplectus/Creeping Alloplectus. Found in the damp woods of the Sierra Nevada North America. A small delicate tubular yellow flower on dark purple stems.
     CURTIS. #4251. Talauma/De Candolles Talauma. A native of Indonesia. A single cream coloured arched flower with large petals.
     CURTIS. #4252. Datura/Horn Bearing Datura. Very large bell like flowers in a pale yellow. Found in Peru and flourishes on the table lands to an elevation of 9500 feet.
     CURTIS. #4253. Hydrangea/Japan HYDRANGEA. A native to the Island of Nipon. Japan. The flowers are blue at the base and the rest is white.
     CURTIS. #4254. Diastema/Pale Yellow Diastema. Found in New Grenada. A pretty pale yellow tubular flower with white centre.
     CURTIS. #4255. Clerodendron/Sinuate-Leaved Clerodendron. Found in Sierra Leone. A large cluster of small white flowers.
     CURTIS. #4256. Leschenaultia/Splendid Scarlet Flowered Leschenaultia. Grows to 2 feet high with a feathery stem and bright red and yellow flowers.
     CURTIS. #4257. Nyphaea/Tooth-Leaved LOTUS. Water Lilly. Found in Sierra Leone. A large white flower with a round leaf. Aquatic Plant.
     CURTIS. #4258. Gompholobium/Graceful Gompholobium. Found in South West Australia. A very delicate shrub with rich rose purple flowers.
     CURTIS. #4259. Clematis/ Smilax-Leaved CLEMATIS. A native of Indonesia. A climbing plant with dark purple petals and brown buds.
     CURTIS. #4260. Aeschinanthus/Mr Lobbs Aeschinanthus. Found in Indonesia. A very beautiful lilac flower with a striking red centre.
     CURTIS. #4261. Fugosia/Hakea-Leaved Fugosia. Found in Australia by the Swan River. A dramatic red flower sprouting from a brown bell.
     CURTIS. #4262. Pleroma/Elegnt Pleroma. A native of The Organ Mountains in New Mexico growing at an elevation of 4500 feet. A beauiful deep purple flower.
     CURTIS. #4263. Stenocarpus/Mr Cunninghams Stenocarpus. Found on the banks of the Brisbane River. Australia. A spectacular flower with amazing red and yellow petals.
     CURTIS. #4264. Aeschinanthus/Beautiful Aeschinanthus. Found in Indonesia. An elegant red tubular flower with a yellow centre.
     CURTIS. #4265. Leschenaultia/Drooping Leschenaultia. Found in Perth Australia. A yellow flower with red purple tips.
     CURTIS. #4266. Eucalyptus/ Dr Preiss EUCALYPTUS. Found in Western Australia. A beautiful green shrub loved by the Koala Bear.
     CURTIS. #4267. Bolbophyllum/Umbelled Bolbophyllum. ORCHID. Found in Northern India and Nepal. A pretty red spotted yellow flower with a curious column and lip.
     CURTIS. #4268. Scutellaria/Flesh-Coloured Skull-Cap. Found in South America. A very pretty pink tubular flower at top of stem.
     CURTIS. #4269. Clematis/Tubular-Flowered CLEMATIS or Virgins Bower. A native of Northern China. A pale blue tubular flower formed in clusters.
     CURTIS. #4270. Cattleya/Mr Skinners Cattleya. ORCHID. Found in Guatamala. Amazing lilac petals with deep purple centre. These are always found high up in trees.
     CURTIS. #4271. Scutellaria/Ventenats Skull Cap. Found in South America. Bright scarlet red flowers in clusters at top of stem.
     CURTIS. #4272. Odontoglossum/Halberd-lipped Odontoglossum. ORCHID. Found in New Granada. Unusual purple spotted petals with a lilac and white tongue.
     CURTIS. #4273. Lyonia/Jamaica Lyonia. Found high in the mountains of Jamaica. Unusual clusters of white flowers going all the way up the stem between the leaves.
     CURTIS. #4274. Escallonia/Organ Mountains Escallonia. Found in the Organ Mountains of New Mexico. A deilcate cluster of pink flowers at top of stem.


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