About us

Welcome to the fascinating world of antique maps & old prints!

First, the story of how we got here: I'm Richard, the founder and owner of antiquemapsandprints.com (you may have come across us on other channels where we trade under our registered company name, Antiqua Print Gallery Ltd). I grew up surrounded by antique maps and old prints. My father, Bill Bennett, was an antiquarian map and print dealer from the 1970's. He sold to the map and print trade by mail order, trading as Postaprint; he passed away in 2014, but is still well remembered by many long standing antiquarian map sellers. I was steeped in cartographers, cartoonists, and 19th century printmakers from a young age. My dad was a keen cricketer and golfer, and an MCC member: we had Charles Crombie prints on the kitchen at home as well as a print of a Gannet (from Morris's British Birds) above the dining table as a comment on my appetite. My dad ran his business from home, and our double garage was used for storage of his stock.

I helped out with the family business in my late teens, but after university I followed my own path and joined the rat race, until at a career juncture in the late 2000's my dad dragged me along to one of the London trade fairs. I bought some maps and listed them on ebay; within a week I was hooked and a map geek was born.

I find maps endlessly fascinating: for the unexpected details, for the way they shed light on moments in history, for how they can show the world in many different ways, how they reveal how different our world used to be (or was thought to be) - particularly the maps of places I know - especially London - when they were still open fields. I'm always particularly interested in the errors on maps, and how and why they arose. 

I've always been a keen traveller and had an interest in maps. Being an antique map dealer has never felt like work to me because it allows me to enjoy the thrill of travelling vicariously on a daily basis (without having to self isolate upon my return!) both across the world and by delving back in time. I find antique prints to be enthralling windows into how the world used to look, and into often obscure historical anecdotes, people and events which are frequently far more colourful and interesting and less dry than the broad arc of historical events I learnt at school. I'm particularly fascinated by prints of buildings or other monuments that no longer exist - from the White and Pink Terraces of New Zealand, to the Buddhas of Bamiyan, and the innumerable lost buildings and streets of London which I picture in my mind's eye whenever I walk past the places where they used to stand.

I'm particularly interested in anything I've never seen before - and that has led me to seek out and buy old maps and prints that other antiquarian map dealers don't have for sale. As a result we now have a stock of over 80,000 items, and a very broad and eclectic range. I'm not an antique map or print snob - some of the most interesting old maps or prints to me are not that old or expensive, for example Abercrombie's (thankfully mostly unrealised) plans for post World War Two London, or Hugh Evelyn's wonderful 1960's prints of historic sports cars (two of which adorned the bedroom wall of my childhood). We try to offer as diverse a range as possible: we have UK counties maps, US state maps, French department & wine maps, navigational & sea charts, star & astronomical charts, geological maps, town and city plans, tourist maps, military maps of battles and campaigns, planning maps, panoramas, road strip maps, fantasy maps, lithographic and engraved town and topographical views, cartoons, fantasy pictures, Victorian engineering and architectural drawings, boat, ship & train designs and blueprints, antique prints of animals, birds, and flowers & fruit, and much more. We have old maps and antique prints published in the 17th century (occasionally earlier), 18th century, 19th century and up to the mid/late 20th century. 

Our stock is alternatively available to buy through our ebay store as well as through this webstore. However, if you buy direct from us here, our prices are each about 10% lower than in our ebay store because we don't have to pay any third party fees, and we pass that saving onto you; we also prefer to deal directly with you here. As of May 2021, we have 99.9% positive feedback over the last 12 months from our ebay customers with a feedback count of over 20,000.

We only offer original old maps and prints, which were printed at the date stated. We do not sell modern reproductions. We will supply a certificate of authenticity for any order upon request.

We have maps and pictures at every price point, and this website is designed to help you narrow down your search to find exactly what you are looking to buy and to make it as accessible as possible to everyone from the map novice to the seasoned antique map aficionado. We supply private collectors, those with an interest in their family history or the history of their local area, individuals looking for personal & well chosen gifts, museums, corporate archives and art collections, interior designers, media production companies (our maps have featured in several TV documentaries and dramas), national embassies and the antiques trade. Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned expert, If you're looking for vintage maps or antique prints, we are always happy to help.

Whether buying for yourself or as a gift, we are sure that we have an antique print or old map of somewhere or someone that will mean something special.

We offer a personal and friendly service, Please feel free to contact us if you need help or advice finding a print or map to buy. Please visit the site often as we add items regularly – our What’s New page is updated frequently.

Enjoy browsing and find a piece of your own history!