Antique folio maps of Africa, its regions and islands by Philippe Vandermaelen (1827)

We've recently acquired a set of the African maps from Vandermaelen's groundbreaking "Atlas Universel", published in Brussels in 1827.  The maps cover the entire coast of the continent, those parts of the interior which were known to Europeans at the time, and the offshore Atlantic and Indian Ocean islands - including the Canaries, Azores, Cape Verde islands, Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius. These large folio maps include some the most detailed maps of parts of Africa of their time. Selected African maps by Vandermaelen are shown below, or see our full range of African maps and prints here. Enjoy browsing! For help or advice, please call +44-(0)208-960-3476 or email

- Richard, Joanne & the team at Antiqua Print Gallery