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Geographers A-Z Map Co / Geographia / Pearsall, Phyllis & Gross, Alexander

The classic British vintage urban maps of Alexander Gross and his daughter Phyllis Pearsall were intially published by "Geographia Map Company" and later by the "Geographer's A-Z Map Company. The 1920's and 1930's saw publication of the "Authentic Map Directory of London", the "Authentic Map Directory of South West Yorkshire", and the "Authentic Map Directory of South Lancashire", with the London A-Z street maps coming later. Phyllis Pearsall famously claimed that she had walked 3,000 miles to check the names of the 23,000 streets of London, waking up at 5am every day, and not going to bed until after an 18-hour working day. It is often claimed to be the first indexed London street map, but Bartholomew's Reference Atlas of London and Suburbs, and those of her own father (both of which we stock) were earlier.