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Hollis, Charles

Charles Hollis (fl. 1820-1833) was an English architect and civil engineer, predominantly of churches and bridges. He designed two bridges over the Thames, one at Windsor (opened 1824), and an unbuilt early proposal for Lambeth bridge in 1825 (a crossing which eventually opened in 1862 to a design by Peter Barlow). Certainly, he produced a "Map of part of Lambeth and Westminster shewing the proposed site of the intended new bridge..." (1825), which also included an elevantion of the proposed bridge. Hollis rebuilt St John the Baptist church, Windsor (1822) and built All Saints Church, Poplar (consecrated 1823). Hollis was the structural engineer of the Anthaeum ("Flower-House") in Brighton, a huge 500 ton structure made from cast-iron and glass which occupied the site of what is today Palmeira Square. This massive, dome-shaped structure was to serve as an enclosed, artificially heated tropical garden. Hollis insisted on a central supporting pillar, however the builder ignored their advice; Hollis resigned in protest, and two days before the official opening and an hour after the scaffolding was removed, the building duly collapsed. He was also active in Wales, where he built Bigsweir Bridge, Llandogo (opened 1827) and Monmouth gas works (1829)

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