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Gall, James & Inglis, Robert

James Gall (1784-1872) and his son-in-law Robert Inglis (c.1820-1887) were Edinburgh publishers. In 1877 the company acquired the stock and plates of George Frederick Cruchley, and became major publishers of pocket maps for cyclists. The firm continued under James Gall Inglis (1865-1939) and Harry Robert Gall Inglis (1869-1939) well into the 20th century. James Gall's son, also James (1808-1895) was a partner in the firm until his resignation in 1847 to become a Minister of the Church of Scotland. His cartographic focus was on mapping the stars; in the course of this work he developed and gave his name to three different map projections: Gall stereographic; Gall isographic; and Gall orthographic (Gall–Peters projection).