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Parker, Maude

Maude Parker (fl. 1904-1933) was a British painter in watercolour of landscapes and coastal subjects. She produced a series of folding leporello Fisherman's maps of Scottish salmon rivers (the Tay, Tweed, Dee and Spey), and the River Wye in the early 1930s. The maps were printed in black with the course of the river coloured in blue, accompanied with black and white landscape illustrations along top and bottom. She later produced a similar map of the Thames; she is known to have lived in Bourne End and Maidenhead along the Thames before moving to Sennen, Cornwall in 1924. Parker exhibited five works at the Royal West of England Academy between 1925-1930, which we assume accounts for the post-nominal initials "R.W.A." which frequent follow her name attribution on her maps. Originally published in  the early 1930s by John Bartholomew & Lavars of Bristol, they were later reprinted in 1960 by Sifton, Praed & Co. Ltd.