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Rosaccio, Giuseppe

Giuseppe Rosaccio (c.1530-1620) was an Italian physician and geographer born in Pordenone. He worked variously as a cosmographer, historian, cartographer, astronomer, astrologer, physician, traveller, art chronicler, encyclopedist, and bookseller. He produced many small format atlases and geographical works, as well as works on astrology and astronomy. His works, sometimes written in Italian vernacular, helped to popularise aspects of science. They include "Teatro del Cielo e della Terra" (Venice, 1595 & Treviso 1642), "Teatro del Mondo e sue Parti" (Bologna, 1688), "Il Mondo e le sue parti, cioè Europa, Affrica, Asia et America" (Florence 1595 & Verona, 1596), "Il Mondo elementare e celeste" (Treviso, 1604) and "Ptolemy's Geography" (1599). He is also the creator of a large world map (Venice, 1597), a large map of Italy (Florence, 1609) and of Tuscany (Florence, 1609).

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