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Tolkien, John Ronald Reuel

J.R.R. Tolkien's iconic fantasy maps, which depict the fictional world of Middle-earth and other places in his Legendarium, as described in his novels including the "Lord of the Rings", "The Hobbit" and "The Silmarillion". His maps formed the starting point for, and were critical to the development of the plots of his novels. He has stated "I wisely started with a map, and made the story fit (generally with meticulous care for distances)." Tolkien was not the first author to use maps to guide the reader through a novel about a fictional world, but his maps have set the benchmark for such maps and an expectation for their use in subsequent fantasy novels. Some of the original drafts of his maps were reworked by his son Christopher, and the illustrator Pauline Baynes was later commissioned by his original publishers Allen & Unwin to paint a map of Middle-earth. The maps include many of the places familiar to Tolkien fans, including The Shire, Mordor, Gondor, Rohan, Numenor, Eriador and Wilderland. Their style has elements of both illustration and cartography. They have been described as having shared the ethos of William Morris's Arts and Crafts movement as "functional, but with an eye to grace and beauty".