Antique maps & prints make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions

Antique maps and prints make thoughtful, unusual and individual gifts that show how well you know the recipient. A well chosen engraving or chart of something in which you have a mutual interest can help to strengthen your bond with that special person.

Why not buy your friend, partner or relative a map or print of somewhere, someone or something that means something special to them (or to the both of you)? For example:

  • A vintage map of somewhere they grew up (as it was when they were growing up), or
  • An antique map of the place that their ancestors emigrated from (at the time that their antecedents upped sticks and left for pastures new) or
  • A view of somewhere they lived, or where they took a fondly-remembered holiday/vacation.
  • A lithographic cartoon of an eminent Victorian ancestor (it's surprising how many people have them!)
  • A print of somewhere that you met each other, or spent time together
  • A picture of a favourite animal, bird, or flower
  • A print of something that relates to a sport, hobby or other interest of the recipient such as astronomy, horse racing, golf, cricket, theatre.

The traditional gift between spouses for a first wedding anniversary is paper, which makes old prints and maps particularly well suited for this occasion. Virtually all our maps and prints are printed or drawn on paper.