The works of William Henry (WH) Bartlett

Born in Kentish Town, London in 1809, the young WH Bartlett was apprenticed to John Britton (1771-1857). He became one of the foremost topographical illustrators of his generation, travelling throughout Britain, the Americas, and the Balkans and Middle East. He died of fever on board ship while returning from his last trip to Palestine in 1854. Principal collections of his work are held at the British Library, The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, Leeds Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Some of the principal works in which his illustrations appear are as follows:

Cathedral Antiquities c.1832/6
Switzerland Illustrated c.1833
History of Essex c.1836
Barber – Picturesque Illustrations of the Isle of Wight
Picturesque Antiquities of English Cities c.1838
Scotland Illustrated
Caledonia Illustrated c.1840
Beauties of the Bosphorus c.1839
The Waldenses – 1838 (Italy. France. Alps)
Ireland Illustrated c.1840
Ireland, it's scenery, character &c 1843
American Scenery c.1839/40
Canadian Scenery (c.1842)
Finden’s Ports and Harbours c.1842
The Danube c.1840
Walks about Jerusalem c.1845
The Christian in Palestine c. 1847
Forty Days in the Desert c.1848
The Nile-Boat c.1849
The Overland Route c.1850
Footsteps of our Lord c.1851
Pictures of Sicily c.1852
Pilgrim Fathers c.1853
Belgium, The Rhine, Italy, Greece and the Mediterranean c.1840
Castles & Abbeys of England
Devonshire Illustrated c.1829
Picturesque Antiquities of the English Cities 1836
Picturesque Beauties of Great Britain 1829
The Shores and Islands of the Mediterranean 1840