Do you sell reproductions?

No, we do not sell modern reproductions. All of our maps and prints are authentic antique or vintage maps, printed or engraved at the date stated in the product description. If there is some uncertainty about the exact date of publication of a map or print, the publication date is stated to be “circa” or “c.” a given date.

However, customers may be interested to know that, since the earliest printed maps, the plates used to print maps (particularly pre-19th century) were frequently updated and re-used by the original cartographer or publisher, and sometimes sold on to other cartographers and publishers. A plate used to make a map may have been used to print a number of different editions, sometimes over the course of many decades after it was first created. It is therefore not uncommon to find later editions of an antique map or print, and indeed variants of a map or print by later cartographers or publishers. We do not make or publish any prints ourselves, and none of the prints or maps that we sell were printed in recent years.