Framing and mounting (matting) tips

We do not provide framing or mounting services, but we may be able to recommend a framer depending on your location - please feel free to contact us. We always recommend using a professional framer, but if you are feeling creative and dextrous, it is quite possible to cut the mount to size yourself, if you have the right equipment. Whether using a professional framer or not, it is usually a more cost effective option to purchase a standard sized frame and have the mount cut to size for your print or map, rather than to have a frame custom made. Whether you intend to mount and frame your print or map yourself, or get this done by a professional framing shop, be sure to ask for archive quality, acid-free mounting (matting) board to prevent the risk of damage to the paper of your map or print which can accrue over a long period of time. The use of non-reflective glass can enhance your picture viewing experience considerably. When framed, try to position your print or map away from direct sunlight and in a location where it will avoid temperature extremes and exposure to high humidity. If buying your item as a gift you may wish to have a certificate of authenticity glued to the back of the frame. We will provide such a certificate for any maps or prints purchased from us upon request.