The antique map/print I like is uncoloured. Can you get it hand coloured for me?

Yes, we can arrange for most antique engraved maps and prints that you have purchased from us to be coloured by hand to your specifications. We use the services of an external professional antique map and print colourist. The cost of providing this service depends on the size of any maps or prints to be coloured, and the extent of colouring required, as well of course as the number of items to be coloured. Please contact us to arrange a quotation for any items you would like to have coloured. The cost of colouring per item typically varies between £7 per item for a smaller map or steel engraving to £30 for a folio map. Depending on the workload of our colourist at the time you place your order, it may take up to 3-4 weeks for the colouring work to be completed. Please contact us to arrange a quotation.