Antique maps & prints from John Strype’s 1720 edition of John Stow’s “Survey of London”

We stock maps and prints from John Strype’s remarkable 1720 edition of John Stow’s classic “Survey of London”. This includes a number of scarce, fascinating & detailed parish maps of London, Southwark and Westminster, and prints of many of the city’s most important buildings including palaces, hospitals, Inns of Court and churches, several of which no longer exist. The maps were published when much of present-day London was still undeveloped open fields. The plates include a print of the old Medieval London Bridge in its final incarnation, just four years before demolition of the houses built thereon began.

John Stow was a historian and antiquarian; his “Survey of London” is the work for which he is best known, and is probably the most famous single work ever written about the city. He was buried in St Andrew Undershaft church in the City of London, where a monument to him remains. The pen held in the hand of his monument is replaced every three years by the Lord Mayor.