New stock: antique prints of national, maritime, imperial and royal flags, standards, signals & burgees

We’ve just substantially broadened our range of antique flag prints with a number of interesting additions. We’ve also brought all our stock of flag prints and lithographs into a single page category so can view them all in one place. Included are many fascinating flags of countries, yacht clubs and other organisations which no longer exist, or whose flags have since been replaced by different designs.

Our now extensive inventory covers antique and vintage prints of national, royal, military and imperial flags and standards,  yacht and sailing club ensigns, jacks and burgees, and other maritime and marine flags. We stock decorative lithographic flag prints from Hounsell’s “Flags and Signals of All Nations” (1873), “Drawings of the flags in use at the present time, by various nations” by the British Admiralty (1916) and from a later edition of the same publication (BR20, 1958). We also stock plates from Lloyds Yacht Register (1896-1914).