Old antique maps of UK counties to buy - vintage county maps of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales

We have a huge online range of antique UK county maps for sale covering all the historic counties of the British Isles and nations including county maps of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Click the links to view English county maps, Irish county maps, Scottish county maps and Welsh county maps. Click here, then use the filters to narrow your search by county, country, date or cartographer, or click on the links below to explore our stock county maps of the British Isles by cartographer. Scroll down to see links to old county maps of each of the counties of England. Alternatively, simply type in the name of the county plus the world map into the search box from the homepage(eg "Yorkshire map" - without the quotes)

Our catalogue includes antique county maps by many of the best known and loved and recognisable cartographers of county maps of the British Isles of the 17th, 18th, 18th and 20th centuries, including:

Alfred Adlard (Irish counties, 1840's)

Joshua Archer

Charles Arden-Close

George Bacon (Large coloured maps of  the English counties, late 19th/early 20th centuries)

Badeslade & Toms (English counties, 1742)

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Benjamin Pitts Capper 

John Cary (Late 18th / early 19th century English county maps)

Cole & Roper 

Creighton & Walker 

Benjamin Rees Davies 

Robert Dawson 

John Dower 

Thomas Dugdale 

Archibald Fullarton (Scottish counties), 

Greenwood (large English county maps), 

Sidney Hall 

John Heywood (English counties), 

Thomas Kitchin (18th century English counties), 

Daniel Lizars (Scottish counties, 1885)

Robert Morden (English counties, 1695-1772)

Thomas Moule (Highly decorative, hand coloured English county maps, 1840's)

Owen & Bowen (Small decoartive uncoloured maps of the counties of England and Wales, 1753)

Aristide Perrot

George Philip 

James Reynolds (geological maps), 

Robert Sayer (Scottish county maps from the Scotch Atlas, 1787)

Bernard Scalé (Irish county maps from the Hibernian Atlas, 1776-1788)

Henry Teesdale

John & Charles Walker


Antonio Zatta (The Home Counties of England only, scarce)

For old maps of specific English counties, click on the links below (may include other maps relating to the counties, including road strip maps and town/city plans):

Bedfordshire county maps

Berkshire county maps

Buckinghamshire county maps

Cambridgeshire county maps

Channel Islands county maps

Cheshire county maps

Cornwall county maps

Cumbria county maps

Derbyshire county maps

Devon county maps

Dorset county maps

Durham county maps

Essex county maps

Gloucestershire county maps

Hampshire county maps

Herefordshire county maps

Hertfordshire county maps

Huntingdonshire county maps

Isle of Man county maps

Kent county maps

Lancashire county maps

Leicestershire county maps

Lincolnshire county maps

London county maps

Middlesex county maps

Norfolk county maps

Northamptonshire county maps

Northumberland county maps

Nottinghamshire county maps

Oxfordshire county maps

Rutland county maps

Shropshire county maps

Somerset county maps

Staffordshire county maps

Suffolk county maps

Surrey county maps

Sussex county maps

Warwickshire county maps

Wiltshire county maps

Worcestershire county maps

Yorkshire county maps

Monmouthshire county maps