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Bellin, Jacques-Nicolas

Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772) was a French hydrographer and geographer, and a member of the Royal Society in London. He was appointed chief cartographer to the French navy at the age of 18, and subsequently in 1741 the first Ingénieur hydrographe de la Marine (cartographer to the French Hydrographical Office), in which capacity he was commissioned to survey the coasts of France and later all the known coasts of the world. Of his copious output of maps and sea charts, he is perhaps best known for his maps for Abbe Prevost's L'Histoire Générale des Voyages (1737-1775), of which we stock a good selection below; Neptune François (1753), Hydrographie Françoise (1756-1765, reissued to 1802), and Petit Atlas Français (1763) - reissued as Petit Atlas Maritime (1765). His maps of Canada and of the French North American territories are particularly sought after.